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Style for a Steal: Green Leather

Yesterday was another busy day. It was my baby’s birthday (he turned 2!) and we had to get our party on. It wasn’t until around 9pm, I realized that it was sale day at my fave thrift store. Dang! I missed the last one and I really wanted to get a little thrifting fix. So I ran out to see if I could find anything good before the store closed at 10.
It’s funny because I would never give advice to someone to go to a thrift store when you don’t have much time, since it might be more stressful and frustrating than it’s worth. But, I swear sometimes I find as much good stuff when I shop in a hurry. Maybe it’s because I don’t waste as much time digging, I’m not sure. 
I ended up coming home with a leather jacket, 2 scarves, a Nebraska sweatshirt (who would’ve thought I’d find that in FL?), a cute white blazer, and 2 shirts, only one of which is not going to be a keeper. (Luckily this particular thrift store takes returns because I didn’t have time to try anything on in the store.) So a pretty good haul I think.
The leather jacket I bought is not your typical leather jacket. It’s green. Yup. I starred at it for several minutes trying to decide whether I liked it or not, then trying to decide whether I would wear it or not. Luckily today ended up being pretty chilly so it gave me the perfect opportunity to test it out.
I looked around online for some inspiration for how to wear it and found this pic of Rhianna wearing a similar jacket in a similar color.
Then I decided I didn’t want to wear all black with my green jacket and I ran across this pic. 

 Even though it’s not a jacket, I liked the color combo and with the orange scarf I bought last night also I could do the same combo.

 So here it is.

 And here is the jacket without the scarf so you can see the detail better.
Guess what else? Emerald green has been named as the official color of 2013! How in am I that I now have a green leather jacket to wear for the year? Ha ha! I wish I had actually thought of that while buying it but I did remember in the car on the way home and did a little happy dance (in my head, I was driving duh.)
I’m pretty excited actually because I love wearing green but for some reason it’s always really hard to find.
What do you think? Would you wear colored leather? Are you loving green for 2013?
Outfit breakdown:
Leather Jacket: Twiggy, purchased at the thrift store for 7.99
Scarf: purchased at the thrift store for 3.99
Jeans: purchased at the thrift store for 3.49
Boots: Glo, purchased at KMart for 19.99
Earrings: purchased from Beall’s Outlet for 1.99
for inspiration pic sources, click on the picture

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