Name my blog contest!

In my last post I briefly mentioned that some things are happening that I am trying to figure out. Here’s the sitch on that:
Apparently my tiny little blog is infringing on a trademark. Part of the name that I love and spent months trying to come up with is trademarked by someone else, therefore I need to stop using it. So rather than spend another month or more trying to figure out a new name (because honestly I can’t take that long) I am enlisting you, my friends and fellow bloggers to help me out.

From now through next Tuesday in the comments section of this post, submit to me your ideas for a fabulous new name for my blog. I will review all submissions and choose the winner next Wednesday, February 6, 2013.

The winning submission will receive this super cute pair of rosebud earrings from the Etsy shop Liv(e) and Love in the color of their choice. (options are: Red, Lime, Baby Blue, White, Black, Purple, and Turquoise)

 I already have my own pair and I love them.

Helpful guidelines:
I love but am not completely attached to the “in heels” portion of my name, so submissions may or may not include that.
I would like the name to reflect somehow on my love of finding style on a budget and/ or thrifting
Please include your email address in your submission so that I can contact you.

I may or may not use the winning submission as the future name for my blog. By entering this contest you authorize me, Tiffany Opp, exclusive rights to use the name you submit for any and all future use online or otherwise.

I am super excited to see what you all come up with!

Outfit Breakdown:
Pink Sweater: takeout, purchased at Kohl’s for 6.99
Polka dot shirt: HeartSoul, purchased at the thrift store for 2.49
Jeans: purchased at the thrift store for 3.49
Boots: GLO, purchased at KMart for 19.99

I am linking up with:
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