And the winner is….

Thank you so much to everyone for all your AWESOME name ideas for the name my blog contest! There were over 50 name ideas submitted and it was much harder than I thought it would be to narrow down to just one.

I have reviewed and spent time researching almost all the entries, which took a little longer than I thought it would (sorry!). Unfortunately a lot of my favorites were already in use somewhere else online or similar enough to that I would not want to risk using them.

Ultimately I had to go with one that stuck out to me from the beginning, and presented an idea I love which is incorporating my name into the blog name.

So without further ado, the winning entry is:
 “Sh-opp-ortunist in Heels” submitted by Caroline and Kari Ann!!
Congrats! I will email you to get your earring color choice and address to send them to.
After thinking about the future name of my blog for over a week now, I love Caroline’s idea to use my name and it has inspired another name idea. Therefore I won’t actually be using “Sh-opp-ortunist In Heels” in the blog title or address, but I do plan to use it elsewhere. I’m not quite ready to announce the new name, I have a few more things to get in order before I do. Hopefully, it will all be ready by next week. Please stick around!
Thanks again to everyone for your support and encouragement!

Name my blog contest!

In my last post I briefly mentioned that some things are happening that I am trying to figure out. Here’s the sitch on that:
Apparently my tiny little blog is infringing on a trademark. Part of the name that I love and spent months trying to come up with is trademarked by someone else, therefore I need to stop using it. So rather than spend another month or more trying to figure out a new name (because honestly I can’t take that long) I am enlisting you, my friends and fellow bloggers to help me out.

From now through next Tuesday in the comments section of this post, submit to me your ideas for a fabulous new name for my blog. I will review all submissions and choose the winner next Wednesday, February 6, 2013.

The winning submission will receive this super cute pair of rosebud earrings from the Etsy shop Liv(e) and Love in the color of their choice. (options are: Red, Lime, Baby Blue, White, Black, Purple, and Turquoise)

 I already have my own pair and I love them.

Helpful guidelines:
I love but am not completely attached to the “in heels” portion of my name, so submissions may or may not include that.
I would like the name to reflect somehow on my love of finding style on a budget and/ or thrifting
Please include your email address in your submission so that I can contact you.

I may or may not use the winning submission as the future name for my blog. By entering this contest you authorize me, Tiffany Opp, exclusive rights to use the name you submit for any and all future use online or otherwise.

I am super excited to see what you all come up with!

Outfit Breakdown:
Pink Sweater: takeout, purchased at Kohl’s for 6.99
Polka dot shirt: HeartSoul, purchased at the thrift store for 2.49
Jeans: purchased at the thrift store for 3.49
Boots: GLO, purchased at KMart for 19.99

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Utah look: Chambray and denim

I’m still here! Sorry I have been absent. Some things are happening that I am trying to figure out the best I can and I just got to Utah yesterday so that threw a small wrench in the works, but I am hoping to have everything figured out for the most part by next week.

I hope you will all be patient and stick with me. I have some fun things planned coming up including a possible contest with a giveaway… I’ll let you know more when it’s all nailed down. For now I am trying to enjoy some time with my family who I haven’t seen for over two years. So on with the outfit post.

This is what I wore yesterday while traveling and once I got to Utah. As you can see, I am the proud new owner of a chambray shirt. I have been looking for one while thrifting but haven’t had any luck so I finally decided to go ahead and splurge on a new one (it was on sale and I had a coupon, so that helped). Plus, I new it would be a great layering piece to use while in Utah.

I wasn’t completely sure about the denim on denim look but I liked it. The orange scarf helped it to be not as boring (and helped keep me warm too).

I am definitely having to readjust to the cold weather. I grew up around snow and I miss seeing it every winter. It’s funny because people I talk to here, have a hard time understanding why I would want to leave Florida to come here in the winter, but it’s nice to see something different. Even though the snow has lost its novelty to the people who live around it, to me it’s fun and fresh and exciting. When I woke up this morning it was snowing and I was so giddy I felt like a kid again. It’s been 5 years since I’ve seen any.

What do you think? Snow or no?
Outfit breakdown:
Shirt: So, purchased at Kohl’s for 16.00
Jeans: purchased at the thrift store for 3.49
Boots: purchased at Kohl’s for 23.19
Orange scarf: purchased at the thrift store for 3.99
My awesome sis-in-law Livia was kind enough to brave the cold to snap some pics for me. Check out her blog here.

Look of the Day: Striped Blazer

After yesterdays fail, it took me forever to get dressed today. I kept second guessing everything I put on. I knew I wanted to wear this striped blazer because I found an inspiration photo that reminded me of it, but I couldn’t decide what to pair it with. I finally settled on a look and I’m happy that I liked it as much in the pictures as in the mirror. 

Here is the inspiration:
And here’s my look:

You can see the stripes and details better in this one.
The stripes in my blazer are far more subtle, but I like it a lot. I really love the cute bow in the front too. It’s super different from any other blazer that I have. I went with purple simply because I don’t have any cobalt blue pants and I didn’t want to go with navy because that looked too boring (I know because I tried it in my many outfit changes this morning). I like the pop of purple. These jeans are sometimes hard to find stuff to wear with, so I’m glad I found another way to wear them.
What do you think?
Outfit breakdown:
Blazer: Kenar, purchased at the thrift store for 2.99
Shirt: Splash, purchased at Ross for 3.99
Jeans: South Pole, purchased at the thrift store for 3.99
Shoes: Mossimo, purchased at Goodwill for 5.00
Earrings: purchased at Old Navy for 1.99
Necklaces: one gifted, the other purchased at Beall’s Outlet for 1.99
Bracelets: All gifted, but one is a remake from a broken necklace
Inspiration photo from pinterest but originally from
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Look of the Day: Stripes and Pearls

 I keep thinking things are going to calm down now that the holidays are over… ha! I’ve been waiting for a lull in the activities so that I can work on my goal of getting ahead of my blog but since the lull doesn’t look to be coming my way anytime soon, I guess I just need to get my act together so that I can fit everything in. Anyone else having this problem…no…just me??

Anyway, I am in love with this striped top. It was one of my finds from last week’s sale day when I only had about 30 min to shop. I always love black and white stripes and I can rarely pass them by (I think it may be a problem). This one has a sort of faux wrap look going on which I like and is different from any others I have. It will go with a lot of stuff so I’m excited.

Also I love this necklace. The combination of chain, pearls, beads, and a flower is interesting and fun. I got it a few years ago for my birthday but I don’t wear it very often because one of the strands of pearls keeps coming apart. It’s an easy fix that I just keep putting off.  
Another quick question. I am heading out to Utah next week to see some of my family (yay!) and I am SUPER worried that I’m going to freeze to death. Any tips on what I should pack? Anything I must get for the trip? Tights are on my list because I don’t own any and I figure I’ll need them for church, but what else? I swear I used to know how to dress for the cold but I’m having major brain cramps about what I’ll need. Most of the stuff I own now is very lightweight since it’s so hot here in FL.
Outfit breakdown:
Shirt: A Line, purchased at the thrift store for 1.99
Jeans: Mossimo, purchased at Target for 11.49
Booties: purchased at for 19.99
Necklace: purchased at Beall’s Outlet for 5.99
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Style for a Steal: Green Leather

Yesterday was another busy day. It was my baby’s birthday (he turned 2!) and we had to get our party on. It wasn’t until around 9pm, I realized that it was sale day at my fave thrift store. Dang! I missed the last one and I really wanted to get a little thrifting fix. So I ran out to see if I could find anything good before the store closed at 10.
It’s funny because I would never give advice to someone to go to a thrift store when you don’t have much time, since it might be more stressful and frustrating than it’s worth. But, I swear sometimes I find as much good stuff when I shop in a hurry. Maybe it’s because I don’t waste as much time digging, I’m not sure. 
I ended up coming home with a leather jacket, 2 scarves, a Nebraska sweatshirt (who would’ve thought I’d find that in FL?), a cute white blazer, and 2 shirts, only one of which is not going to be a keeper. (Luckily this particular thrift store takes returns because I didn’t have time to try anything on in the store.) So a pretty good haul I think.
The leather jacket I bought is not your typical leather jacket. It’s green. Yup. I starred at it for several minutes trying to decide whether I liked it or not, then trying to decide whether I would wear it or not. Luckily today ended up being pretty chilly so it gave me the perfect opportunity to test it out.
I looked around online for some inspiration for how to wear it and found this pic of Rhianna wearing a similar jacket in a similar color.
Then I decided I didn’t want to wear all black with my green jacket and I ran across this pic. 

 Even though it’s not a jacket, I liked the color combo and with the orange scarf I bought last night also I could do the same combo.

 So here it is.

 And here is the jacket without the scarf so you can see the detail better.
Guess what else? Emerald green has been named as the official color of 2013! How in am I that I now have a green leather jacket to wear for the year? Ha ha! I wish I had actually thought of that while buying it but I did remember in the car on the way home and did a little happy dance (in my head, I was driving duh.)
I’m pretty excited actually because I love wearing green but for some reason it’s always really hard to find.
What do you think? Would you wear colored leather? Are you loving green for 2013?
Outfit breakdown:
Leather Jacket: Twiggy, purchased at the thrift store for 7.99
Scarf: purchased at the thrift store for 3.99
Jeans: purchased at the thrift store for 3.49
Boots: Glo, purchased at KMart for 19.99
Earrings: purchased from Beall’s Outlet for 1.99
for inspiration pic sources, click on the picture

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Trouser jeans…

I have been M.I.A. for the last few days, so I wanted to get in a quick post tonight. It’s been a busy week so far and it’s only Wednesday. 
Monday was the hubs and my anniversary and we had a great day. We went to lunch, shopping at Kohl’s, and actually even went out to a movie, which is a rare occurance.
This is what I wore for the festivites.
I decided to take a break from the skinny jeans and go with some trouser jeans. They are really comfortable but I’m not sure they photograph very well or even look as good as I once thought they did. 
It’s funny how personal taste changes so much and something that you used to love wearing can seem so odd. I used to only wear bootcut or trouser jeans, and now when I put them on it feels strange and looks weird (to me). I’m sure it’s because I wear straight cut or skinnies so often. I guess it’s good that we change as style evolves, it would be boring if we were always stuck wearing the same things year after year. However, it’s also annoying to put on something and think did they always look like this? I swear these jeans used to look better. lol!
What do you think? 
Have you ever had something you used to like wearing that now never seems to look right?
Outfit breakdown:
Jacket: XXI, purchased at the thrift store for 1.99
Shirt: purchased at Old Navy for 1.69
Jeans: Ann Taylor, purchased at the thrift store for 2.49
Shoes: purchased at Payless for 6.00
Scarf: purchased at the flea market for 1.00

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Sunday Style

 This skirt is one I picked up while thrifting in Tampa last month. In the store I couldn’t decide if I liked it or not, the fitting room lighting was terrible. But I went for it and I’m glad because it turned out cute. I really like the pleats and the embroidered dots at the bottom, and I love the pockets. What is it about pockets that just make a skirt or dress seem funner? (Is funner a word?)
I have had these earrings forever and they are so cute. I think they were a gift from my little brother when I was like 12, and I have saved them all this time. It’s kind of amazing that they have lasted so long. Most of the earrings I buy now barely last a year before the finish comes off or something.
What do you think? Are you a fan of skirts with pockets?
Outfit breakdown:
Skirt: Kristin Davis, purchased at the thrift store for 1.99
Skirt: Nygard, purchased at the thrift store for 3.00
Shoes: Moda, purchased at DSW for 29.99
Necklace: purchased at Beall’s Outlet for 3.99
Earrrings: gifted
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DIY maxi skirt

Yesterday I went to Jo Ann’s for some spray paint. Twenty dollars later, I left the store with not only spray paint but 3 pieces of fabric and some $1.00 hand soap (can’t beat that right?). Lol!
In my defense, one of the pieces of fabric I ended up buying was some that I had been eyeing for months. It was on the clearance aisle, but was still 12.00/ yd. Until yesterday that is, when all the clearance fabrics were an additional 50% off. 
I couldn’t say no to that. So I got some and made this maxi skirt, and I LOVE it. Totally worth it!
I wish you could see the detail in the pics, but it’s a sheer almost lace-like fabric with a tiny bit of sheen to it.
Some people might not be dumb brave enough to make something without a pattern, but that’s kind of how I roll. Pattern’s annoy me sometimes, so if I can figure it out without one, I’m way happier.
Here is the basics of what I did.
First, measured how long I wanted the fabric to be then cut it, along with the lining. 

Then I took about 4 measurements of myself (waist, hips, etc) and transferred them to the lining and pinned it. (I wanted to try it on the lining first so if I messed up it was not on my pretty fabric.)
Next, I sewed the lining and tried it on. Happily it worked, it was a tad more snug then I wanted the skirt to be, so when I measured onto the fabric I added about an inch.

I sewed the skirt fabric, then put the lining and the skirt fabric together and rolled the waist down and sewed it. Then I added elastic in the waistband and I put it on. I could barely walk. I wanted a straight lined skirt but didn’t leave enough room at the bottom for my legs to move. Ha!

Soooo….. I added a slit in the back. This involved me taking out the seam of the skirt AND the lining and then sewing it open. It only took about an hour to do that one thing. Lesson learned. If I ever make another skirt like this I’ll know to either have more fabric allowance at the bottom, or put in a slit from the start.

It would have been much simpler if I had used a fabric that didn’t need a lining, but oh well, I figured it out and I love it.

What do you think?
Would you ever sew something without a pattern?
Outfit breakdown:
Shirt: xhilaration: purchased at the thrift store for 1.00
Skirt: DIY’d, total cost approx. 11.00
Belt: purchased at the thrift store for 1.00
Shoes: Mossimo, purchased at the thrift store for 4.99
Necklaces: one bought at JCPenney’s for 3.99, and the other was gifted
Stay tuned to see what I did with the excess fabric from my skirt:
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